Brace yourselves… Riddick is back!

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Riddick 3

Back for a third instalment of the hit sci-fi series, Vin Diesel dons his trusty goggles and action man boots to once again play Riddick.

The modestly budgeted Pitch Black was a huge success and the follow up, The Chronicles of Riddick I personally really enjoyed, let alone the fact it was also a huge success at the box office if not liked so much by the critics. Having recently starred in the sixth (yes, SIXTH) Fast and Furious film, action star Vin Diesel does seen to be jumping on the sequels, both fast and furiously – excuse the pun.

Riddick 3 PosterI for one am seriously looking forward to seeing him as Riddick again; he played the glowing eyed mysteriously good-yet-bad vigilante well, and nobody can deny it’s a role that suits him down to the ground.

The poster has been released an the third film is simply titled ‘Riddick’. The poster features Riddick crouched on a rock and ready to kick ass as he dons a blade, those goggles and the tagline ‘survival is his revenge’ as the third film is set to begin years after the second, with Riddick left for dead on an unknown planet with new and old faces after his blood.

Stay tuned, I’ll personally be keeping you up to date with the developments for this one – in the meantime be sure to check out the poster!

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