Taken 3 given the green light

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Reinvented action star Liam Neeson looks likely to be returning to the big screen as father Bryan “I will find you” Mills in a third Taken film.

Production for Taken 3 has been pencilled in for a February start and Liam Neeson will reportedly earn $20 million for returning to his prised role. Last year’s Taken 2 did very well at the box office, taking in just short of $375 million worldwide and despite the fact I thought the second film was pretty mediocre (certainly in comparison to the first) it is of no surprise that fox want to jump on that cash cow and put Bryan Mills in more situations where loved ones are taken.

I think he needs to keep better watch on them personally, how does this guy lose so many people? Nevertheless, my opinion is somewhat of a minority on this one as the figures speak for themselves and the general public will no doubt want more of this action.

I loved the first one, and do think the role is suited to Neeson, but I didn’t rate the second movie as a whole and I’m not keen on the idea of a third! Readers, what do you think?

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